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Hawk and Dove arrive in Gotham City hot on the trail of a villain who has stolen a deadly weapon from their home turf in Washington D.C.! The trail leads from the nation’s capitol all the way to the doorstep of the Dynamic Duo. Get ready for Batman and…Dove?

Legendary creator Rob Liefeld flies solo in this issue with a story that’ll change the way you see Gotham forever!

Written by ROB LIEFELD
Art and cover by ROB LIEFELD

Price: $2.99
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  1. Just noticed it was Batman and…Dove while at the LCS, had to give it a try “One night in Gotham”

  2. Wow, I’ve been one to stand up for this book but this was not very good. I really hope having somebody else do the scripts on Grifter and Hawkman will eliminate a lot of this redundant/hokey dialogue.

  3. I will only be repeatiing myself again if I comment on this….. ok lets go one more time;
    A very good written comic and the srtwork is outdated and really does not help this title, which is why it will be ending soon.
    Now the appearance of Batman and Robin in this was so rushed it just felt completely unnatarual!


  4. Isn’t this the issue he did entirely WHILE DRIVING? I’m tempted to pick this up just to see the results.

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