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After many months of training Daniel Kilgore is now being sent on his first mission. Deep into enemy territory, he has to use everything he


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  1. I just reread issue 7 & 8.

    I did enjoy them, so I’m going into this without the weight of the delays. The solicit only lists Capullo and McFarlane, but I thought they were using a fill in artist to catch this series up. (I know solicts are written way in advance, but they could update it when theres an art change).

  2. This is a pretty good comic. It sucks that its hard to find people that like it. I wish the Ifanboy tio didn’t give up on it.

  3. Wait a second… The solicit says that this issue, issue #9, will see Haunt "in action for the first time!"

    The first time, 9 issues in? Sounds like a real thrill-a-minute book up to this point…

  4. @CaseyJustice

    This is New-Haunt now he’s had all his spy training. He’s been in action quiet a bit.

  5. @Suicidalkangarooz: It is ironic, because the book only just seems to be getting off the ground. I’m enjoying it too.

    @CaseyJustice: The book is character driven, but has had a fair amount of action to this point. The solicit refers to the fact that the development of the main character has been well paced, IMO.

  6. I definitely have enjoyed the last couple of issues more than expected so my plans to drop the book have been postponed.

  7. Just caught up with Haunt and the art by Ottley and Capullo is stellar. The story started off iffy, but I trust Kirkman and think this may end up being another title not to wait too long to jump on to.

  8. I like this book.  Kirkman is starting to find the groove with Haunt and why he is trying to do.

  9. what he is trying to do , not why   sorry for the typo.

  10. I planned on dropping this after the first arc.  It just wasn’t clicking for me.  But it has been really solid the past few issues.  I’ll stick around for a bit and see where it goes.

  11. This issue didn’t give what what I normally get from Haunt. I was a little dissapointed. Like people have said it’s normally a character study, but that was forgotten for action this issue, which was rather by the numbers.

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