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GREG CAPULLO is welcomed as full-time penciler on the series as the second explosive story arc begins! Daniel Kilgore is now firmly entrenched in his brother’s life of espionage and intrigue… but is he ready for it? Just as Daniel begins to get his life in order, it appears it might suddenly end.


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  1. Honestly didn’t think I’d see this book again. I enjoyed the first arc so will keep with it for a while.

  2. Unless this issue wows me, I think that this will be the last one for me for a while.

  3. @torippu-I’m right there with you

  4. @torippu- I think that’s what everybody’s planning on.

  5. I said that I was going to decide whether or not to drop this before the last issue came out and, after reading it, had intended to drop it. Since this winded up coming out on a fairly light week for me and it is the beginning of a new arc, I will give it one final chance to grab me. No offense against Capullo, but with Ottley dropping out of this the story is going to have to really crank it up for me to keep buying.

  6. I’m debating switching to trade.  I actually felt that Capullo’s art is a better fit with Haunt’s dark subject matter. The last issue was better than I expected.  So maybe I’ll give this issue a shot and see how it goes.

  7. Hmmm. Cappullo’s work never quite grabbed me. But I’ll give it a shot.

  8. Best Cappullo work for me= The Creech.

  9. I’m a bit disppointed Ottley’s gone, but I’ll give Cappullo one arc to convince me to stay.  After that I’m out. 

  10. no mas.

  11. I’m on the fence. I like the basic concept of the book. And I like the costume design. I’m just not in to the super scratchy 90’s era art. 

  12. That was pretty cool. I can’t put my finge ron it but this book always makes for a great read, even though it’s nothing special really. "Solid" in the best sense of the word.

    And it helps that I love Capullos art. Nice body language, great facial expressions. 

  13. I almost, almost dropped this title right after #5. It’s alright at best, nothing spectacular. But then I gave #6 & #7 a shot, come to find out I was actually impressed. #6 was basically the first arc, but through the eyes of Mirage (which made sense of certain events in the first arc). In #7 we’re learning more about the characters as they learn more about one another. Connections are being made.

    I honestly still think there is hope for this title, but the sales may make it surrender. Who knows. #1 sold at a little over 50,000 copies (which is great for creator owned work) but then #6 only sold around 20,000 (which is a nasty fall) Good storyline, I just fear it’s moving a little too slow for some.

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