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The secret of Still Harvey Tubman revealed!

The mysterious new figure in Haunt’s world has a past of his own… and this issue gives it all away in a special sequence drawn by John Lucas!

You won’t believe what his true purpose is – and what it means for the Kilgore brothers!

Story by Joe Casey
Art by Nathan Fox

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’m gonna persevere for this issue but it’s gettin very close to being dropped from my pulls. Find the new art very difficult to see what is happening.

    • I agree the art is rough, and since ive been reading this since #1,I feel the new story has nothing to do with the prior issues.This may be my last issue till a new team comes in.

  2. I love the change in art style between the present and the 70’s flashback to tell the history of Still Harvey Tubman. This issue has a sense of humor that I appreciate…it’s been a pretty intense story so far so this is a welcome breather but also gives us some insight….awesome issue all around

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