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JonJames02/09/12NoRead Review


  1. I’m really interested to see where this goes, but I am more excited about the Nathan Fox art. I am loving him on this book.

  2. Last issue really cemented the love for this book. I stll can’t say I know entirely what’s shakin’ but the art is awesome and the story sucked me in…I will figure out the rest eventually

  3. Damn, this issue was jam packed with crazy shit. The horde of biker assassins was really sweet; I’m really digging what Nathan Fox has brought to this book, and the storyline seems to be as far-out as possible, in the best way.

    • Forgot to mention how rad I think Still Harvey Tubman is, with lines like “Hey ladies, save it for Thanksgiving”, his origin next month looks to be real fun.

  4. Just can’t get into the art. I’m dropping the Kilgore Bros. for awhile. 3rd title in 2 weeks to get the axe.

  5. This is my potw, the story is getting more and more interesting, and I am in love with Nathan Fox’s art. One of the best looking books out there!

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