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  1. Loved the first issue!

  2. I’m hoping this grabs me more than #1 did. It was OK. Being from the ‘burgh I had to laugh at the portrayal of the city… from an artist that clearly grew up in California or somewhere similar (bustling city, people everywhere, scaffolding, pools in every yard, etc.) None of those things are to be found here. Maybe 12 people on any sidewalk total, rarely the NYC-like scaffolding since nothing new gets built, and maybe 1 in a 100 yards has a pool since swimming in it is good for about 9 days out of the year.

    • what are you talking about? I’ve been in hundreds of crowds in downtown Pittsburgh, scaffolding is almost always used when construction is being done on a 4-story + building (regardless of state), and they specifically say they’re heading to the burbs…as in suburbs, which is where people tend to have lots of lawns and pools, and even then the comic only shows one pool.

    • The only time the sidewalks have been as crowded as depicted in Harbinger #1 was when I was downtown during 9/11. It isn’t NYC. Grant Street during lunchtime isn’t even close to 3-4 abreast and jammed front to back. I’ve worked and lived here all of my life. Scaffolding over the sidewalks is something you see occasionally like once in a blue moon but not a permanent fixture like in bigger cities. And the layout of those suburbs matches the typical Californian suburb, not Pittsburgh. Again, I live in them. Not that there aren’t pools, but in-ground pools like those are again seen in Florida/California suburbs more so than the ‘Burgh.

    • Not from what I’ve seen at Wood st station on a weekday. But apparently Google Maps and everyone I know from Pittsburgh are all wrong.


    • @smo5000 I have no idea what you are talking about… if you mean the T station during morning commute it still isn’t 3-4 abreast and jammed front to back, it is busy though since it is a single point of entry. I’ve lived and worked in Pittsburgh/downtown my entire life so I’m not sure what you are trying to say. This ain’t NYC, not even close on our best days. Spend a day or two here then get back to me.

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