Charlene Dupre feels like she’s been on fire since the day she was born.

Too hot to handle, abused and misused, she’s turned to a dead-end life on the sleazy side of the New Orleans streets. But when Peter and his strange band of teenagers with wondrous powers walk into the strip club where she works, Charlene discovers the heat that’s been burning her up inside is the only thing that can set her free. Meanwhile, Project Rising Spirit closes in on Peter Stanchek, the most dangerous boy in the world. Vengeance, acceptance and fire – meet the next member of the Harbinger Resistance when “Renegades” begins a brand new chapter!

Story by Joshua Dysart
Art by Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, & Khari Evans
Cover by Mico Suayan & Emanuela Lupacchino

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Flamingo, finally!! Definitely looking forward to this, can you tell?? Wonder how Faith’s gonna feel having a flaming hot red headed stripper on the team?

  2. Wow. Just read an advance copy that Valiant sent out early today, and I’ve got to say, after the stellar issue #6 I was unsure this could top it, but what follows is one of the best issue of this series so far.

    No spoilers, but there is a really nice nod to the original Harbinger series after Flamingo regains her powers, and it left me in pain from just thinking about it. Fans of the original Harbinger series might know what I’m talking about.

  3. Valiant’s marketing department sends out pdf copies to bloggers/review sites.

  4. This was a very good issue. This story just keeps chugging along building steam.

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