It’s been a brutal few months for the Renegades, culminating in the harrowing events – and losses – of the Harbinger Wars. But now the members of the team have woken up to the Best. Day. Ever. As Lou Reed sang, it’s just a perfect day, problems left all alone. But for Peter Stanchek – a kid who deserves a good day – something seems off…like all is not what it seems…

Story by Joshua Dysart
Art by Barry Kitson
Cover by Trevor Hairsine

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.7%


  1. Sounds like the start to another good arc. I, for one, am very happy to see this title back on its own. Its one of my favorites and I felt Harbinger Wars muddied up a good thing.

    • I second the motion. I was really enjoying the story before the crossover. Now I’m excited to read this again. And it’s reassuring that Dysart will be on this title in the foreseeable future.

    • Very reassuring! He has given these characters each a great voice and I can’t imagine anyone else writing this book. There’s an uncanny balance here between the serious and the “teenage” and when Dysart hits it (which he usually does) it is pure gold.

    • Sidenote: I just reread Harbinger Wars (Harbinger and Wars only- first 2 issues of each and then jumping back and forth) it was actually a lot better than the first time as I read them when they came out. Indivudualy the HW issues werent very good, but Harbinger was good enough to carry it and imade it a decent way to burn a couple hours.

  2. Yeah this book is great! POTW!

  3. Holy crap! I was hoping they werent going to do that again! What an intense couple pages. Lots if shocking moments. ..Kris is creeping me out. The dialogue was a little off for quite a bit of this issue, but the story was WOW. What a riveting way to stsrt an arc. Any fans of the original liked the way this played out better than the original? Definitely different, but Im on the fence.

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