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  1. I buy this in protest. Only because there is only one left to complete the set. Come on. How can they publish this with no appology. Issue one came out October 07 Issue three came out August 08. It will have been 18 months to do a four issue mini? I could care less by this point. Come on. Give me the slap and tickle while you are reaching for my wallet.

  2. I don’t even remember if this is still on my pull list. I’m gonna buy it just to wipe my filthy ass with it.

  3. @Astyak-You complain…yet still buy?  😛

    I’m pissed too, especially since I expected a better story from Maleev and Bendis.  Still, I’m buying it too.  Might be hypocritical, but I am curious to see how this ends. 

  4. This story sucks ASS…

    Yeah, I’m buying it. I got Maleev’s autograph on number #1. Maybe I can sell the set, atleast make my money back.

  5. i like this series and i wanna see how this ends

  6. Typical to complain of a comic’s lateness without commenting on the actual story.

  7. @KickAss: The problem is, the story didn’t really come into focus until Issue #3, since until then it was focusing on new characters instead of the known video game hero for reasons nobody understood.

    And then once revealed, the ‘twist’ was hardly shocking. 

  8. "Blistering conclusion? More like blistering confusion. biiiiiitch pleeease"  sorry i’m obssessed with that snl character and i had too, love this book

  9. This issue was complete bollocks.

  10. I have read them up to this point and will not be picking this up. The art was fine so I am not gonna bag on Maleev but Bendis, come on man?  It sucks!  I could care less how this ends, I will just stick to the games and novels, this story is worthless.

  11. It had 33 pages of story.  It was nice.  Not my favorite though.  But fun.

  12. it was a good ending, i think anyone who reads it in trade will love it more than those of us who had to wait, but still it was an awesome book


  13. this book was soo late my LCS didnt even order it…shit!

    im still going to hunt this thing down though, because a) i have the first 3 and it just stupid to have an incomplete story because of lateness and b) it friggin BENDIS and MELEEV!

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