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  1. This is part two of my "try new things for the hell of it" week. We’ll see how it goes.


  2. What is part 1? I liked the last Halloween mini-series Seeley and DDP put out. For me, if it has Michael Myers I’m buying even if it sucks.

  3. Number 1 is "Arsenic Lullaby"

    This is Number 2

    Number 3 is "Proof"…(this one comes recommended).

    I’m adding a #4: "Guerillas" because it sounds like the perfect storm of war comics

    I really dig Seeley’s work… and more and more horror/suspense titles are getting in my stack. This seems like a good fit. 

  4. @BatStewie: If you dig Seeley’s work I am assuming you are already reading Hack/Slash. If not, you should be. I am still up in the air about Guerillas (especially if all 9 issues are going to be 5.99 each) and I think I will try Proof in trade sometime. I’ve heard of Arsenic Lullaby but never read it or know what it is about so I will see if my LCS gets it but they probably won’t. Let me know what you think of this book when your done reading it.

  5. I love me some H/S!

    It’s the book I regularly look forward to the most each month. Guaranteed fun.

    More people should read it. Maybe if it came in a plain paper envelope? 


  6. Honestly, the Tarantula Man story was probably one of the creepiest things I’ve EVER read. Both the art and story were incredibly unsettling to me (which is saying a lot cuz I love horror flicks, Ennis and Ellis books). The rest of the stories were OK and I was slightly confused by the first story. Did the old lady put the razor blades in the candy or was it Michael? It just doesn’t seem like something he would do, but I would understand if the trauma of him on the old lady made her do crazy stuff. I guess it just wasn’t obvious to me.

  7. Anthology things are usually hit and miss. I liked Tarantula man too…. only because it was so sick and weird.

    And I liked the smile story…last panels were good. 

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