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The superhero team U.T.O.P.I.A.N. just found out that the never-ending battle for justice is over, and the consequences will rock the world. Meanwhile, Sabre won’t stop busting heads until he finds out what caused this unprecedented world peace. Brought to you by Tara Butters (Reaper), Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man), Ryan Bodenheim (A Red Mass For Mars) and Alisa Tager (Serenity).


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  1. I love where this series is going.  “Everything is going right.  Who is behind this?”  Picture this: Dr. Doom voluntarily surrendering.  How can that go wrong?

  2. Great book. Hopefully 43 pulls on this, which ain’t too shabby, is a good sign of healthy sales.

  3. I loved the first issue. I can’t wait to see the twist, because you know the big bad (cant remember his name off the top of my head) has a plan of some sort. I think this is going to be the next Irredeemable.

  4. I agree with everything. The first issue was great and knowing something is coming from the big baddy makes it even more intriguing.

  5. pull #s on this are much stronger than I would have guessed.  I decided somewhat arbitrarily to trade wait on this, but depending on anones responses to this issue, I might have to start picking this up in issues.

  6. Wow, this was great. A lot happened and I can’t wait to see where this story is going.

  7. This book is pretty awesome, so far.

  8. I decided to check out the first two issues and it seemed pretty interesting. I think I might start pulling this.

  9. I’m torn. I’m going to re-read 1 and 2 and decide where I go from here. On a broken first read of this issue I felt confused.I think I just don’t know the characters well enough yet.

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