“THE GOOD SON,” Part One

Guest writer, JUSTIN JORDAN (THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE) continues his epic tale of blood and blood relations as Vlad faces off against his mutant family on the streets of Chicago.

Story by Justin Jordan
Art by Dan Leister
Cover by Tim Seeley

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  1. Man, when I first got into this series I bought up the first 3 omnibuses and absolutely devoured them. But I’ve got to say, somewhere along the line I just kinda lost the thread of what was going on, and no longer find this book that interesting. Not to say it’s bad or anything, but I think the idea might just be a little burnt out.

  2. I think Seeley needs to trim back on some of the stupid side characters (like Cat Curio and Samhain) and get back to basics or the mission statement of hunting down and destroying slashers. The stories have been too weird and they remind me of how a classic horror film can get strange or diluted with so many sequels as if a basic slasher or horror premise just isn’t enough to bring us back for more. Not to say I’m for stagnation, but maybe a bit more focus.

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