HACK/SLASH returns in all-new ongoing series by the creative team behind the hit HACK/SLASH: MY FIRST MANIAC mini!

Cassie Hack, killer of killers, and her partner Vlad hunt a slasher who haunts a small town’s Make Out Point. Meanwhile, Cat Curio, Former Teen Detective, searches for the man who put her in a coma and the murderous cult that employed him. What she finds will set up the biggest HACK/SLASH story yet. A great jumping on point for new readers!


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  1. Been reading Hack Slash for a long time, glad to see she’s back to hunting a classic slasher this issue…as far as I can tell.

  2. @TexasZombie99  Perhaps I’m just not schooled enough in horror films, which “classic” slasher are you talking about?

  3. @JonSamuelson  Well, I wrote that from just reading the solicit (though I have read the issue now).  What I meant to say was I’m happy to see Cassie and Vlad hunting “classic” slashers in terms of being reminiscent of the kinds of slashers you’d see in all the classic 80’s slasher horror films.  When I was reading Hack/Slash back when it was on Devils Due Publishing, I felt like the series was going too far out into weird territory with the storylines, much more “out there” supernatural concepts.  Now that I’ve read this issue, I have to say that I wish Seeley would have started off a bit more fresh here, he’s bringing back a lot of older concepts like Samhain, Cat Curio, Black Lamp Society, etc. that I thought were a bit convoluted to begin.  I felt like there was a bit too much going on in this issue, like reading the Hack Slash version of Brightest Day where there weren’t enough pages devoted to all of the storylines, haha.

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