He’s back…Thanos! How did he return? Why is he back? And what does the appearance of the galaxy’s #1 threat mean for our rag-tag band of universal protectors? Find out in the next issue of the comic that calls “Awesome. Amazingly, jaw-droppingly awesome.”

WRITER: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
PENCILS: Brad Walker
COVER BY: Alex Garner

Price: $2.99
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  1. So are this and Nova going on hiatus AFTER this issue, or what’s the situation there?

  2. Both books will be on hiatus next month when Thanos Imperative is released, but I don’t know if they’re on hiatus indefinitely or if the plan is to resume them shortly afterward.  If Marvel cancels Guardians, I will jump ship to DC only!

  3. I kinda wish Ron Lim could come back to pencil the Thanos Imperative.

  4. I know how he returned,,,,to sell comics

  5. Maybe my favorite all-time villain.  I’m gonna have to search for my old Silver Surfer and Infinity Gauntlet issues to get warmed up.

  6. I am always trying to get into these MARVEL cosmic books, but they never seem to stick, I always end up dropping them. But, I’m a sucker for some Thanos. I’m back on…

  7. I love this series, but I dont know if I’m gonna hop on to the thanos imperitive. I’ve got this rule about limited series and although its silly it keeps my bankroll in check. Still Once this is back from hiatus I’ll still get it.

  8. This and Nova go on hiatus for at least 7 months.

  9. Man 7 months is a long time without my Nova/Gotg fix. Im cool with it though if the Thanos imperative is good. And Nova and Gotg comes back of course.

  10. hiatus aka silent cancellation

  11. Booooooo Hiatus.  Unless this Thanos whatever is chock full of Rocket Raccoon – I’ll see you in 2011.

  12. seven months…ugh, well that sucks

  13. @rockingeek – so Thanos Imperative is 7 issues?

  14. I’m not going to be upset by the hiatus, it seems like an opportunity to tell another interesting story.  While I won’t be reading about the characters in Nova and GOG, they will all appear, I assume, in the Thanos Imperative.  In addtion, they will still have the same writers, who have also produced other enjoyable cross-over titles, like Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest.  And if Nova and GOG never actually come back, well, they had a good run.  

  15. Great deal at Amazon for Realm of Kings Hardcover.  Not due out til August, but it’s only $12 for eleven issues!  Pre-order price guaranteed.

    Glad I didn’t buy these monthly now!

  16. hey guys remember when marvel said Iron Fist was going on hiatus for the Immortal Weapons mini and would be back after? Or like with Ghost Rider and Heaven’s on Fire?

  17. @cutty: yeah, a one-shot(Thanos Imperative: Ingnition, next month) and then the 6 issues mini-series.

  18. I like the fact that Nova and GOG are shutting down for the duration.  Not a big fan of tie-in books, especially in trying to figure out which ones to buy and which ones to pass.


  19. This hiatus thing sucks. I just spent the last month reading Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Realm of Kings, and all the tie-ins and now when I finally get caught up, both series go on hiatus for 7 months. Kind of pissed about this, in a fairly short period of time I got way into the Marvel cosmic scene and now the 2 books that define it are gone.

  20. @ Skeets, I don’t want you to be right but you probably are. However i would add, although I didn’t read Ghost rider I know the Immortal weapons series was not well recieved (here at least) and that probably affected the likelihood of the series continuing. Hopefully if DnA do a good job they will start the books back up again.

  21. This hiatus thing makes no sense to me. Seems like another way of saying so long and thanks for all the fish.

  22. I can’t wait for The Thanos Imperative. I love the fact that I’ll only have to buy one $3.99 book a month and get to read an event. The Thanos Imperative will be a true event book… and I truly hope there’s no tie-ins.

  23. @rockingeek – couldn’t agree more.  not a fan of tie-ins at all

  24. Yeah, I like the break.


    By the way, did anyone read this? I didn’t pick it up in hopes I’d see how other people liked it.. 

  25. I’ve enjoyed this from the beginning but will be trade-waiting for The Thanos Imperative. I just can’t bring myself to buy mainstream superhero single issue miniseries at $3.99 a pop anymore. I hope this returns as a series after Thanos Imperative but have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t. The end of this issue seemed aware of the possibility that this may be the final issue of this particular run.

  26. With Nova becoming an Avenger, I’m skeptical that he’ll be un-hiatused. Fingers crossed for Guardians of the Galaxy returning, though.

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