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  1. I love Guardians, but what happened to Brad Walker?!?

  2. My favorite Marvel title.

  3. I’ve only jumped on since #12 but have really enjoyed this series.  I can’t wait for this book.

  4. I’m not really all that keen for Wes Craig’s art.  I have high hopes that Pelletier eventually comes back to the book once he is done with WoK.

  5. Love the debriefing parts of the book!

  6. @Itiscritical…. I thought Walker was fantastic on this book. Hope he comes back… even more than Pelletier, who’s also great.

  7. @ButchCassidy: Definitely!  I’m very worried about the future of Guardians with Craig at the helm.  The preview pages really scared me…

  8. UPDATE:  Great news!  According to Brad Walker himself, he’ll do issue #17, take a few issues off, and then start up again with #20.


  9. That is good news. Loving Guardian. Not as much as I used to but still one of my top pulls. It seemed to loose its way a little when the team split up and different stories were coming and going. Still one of my top 5 books though. 

  10. Am I the only one who really wanted to see what Molly’s been up to and was dissapointed when Drax and Phyla found Moondragon instead?

  11. More Warlock!!!!

  12. Ok, its not Walker, but what a fucking awesome issue. I love cosmic stuff!

    CELESTIAL ENGINE for fuck sake! I can’t wait to know more about the FAULT!?!

    Thank you DnA.

  13. YES!!!

  14. eh…this issue was ok.  Got kinda bored with it.  Although I love the original GoG.  I have the entire run of their series.  My only question is Where is Nikki?

  15. Needs more raccoon!

  16. @litscritical

    Yes, at least 40% more raccoon

  17. the story has always been great in its (now)classic way of the GOTG not really knowing what they are doing or how they got there.  art isnt always great but the story makes up for it.

  18. oops!  I guess I meant Cammi, not Molly. 

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