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  1. I don’t know what this book is trying to be. Granted, I’ve only read issues #22 and 23, but still… I get the feeling like this is a bad Fables knock-off… Maybe if I read the first 21 issues, my opinion might change but from what I’ve read so far, nothing in the story has grabbed me and gotten me interested in following it. The covers with sexy females are about the only thing I like about it so far.

  2. @samuraigrifter. I’ve read the entire series to its current issue, and you’ve jumped on at the wrong point–the issues where the sub-plot(s) from the preceding 21 issues have finally emerged into the main story-line to be, hopefully, resolved.  If you really have some interest in the series, go back and read the first 12 issues (available in 2 trades & soon in 1 hardcover), and if they peak your interest than you might consider reading on.  Those stories are a bit different from the current ones and are stand-alone horror/Twilight Zone retellings of their sources.  It’s only been in the past six issues (starting with those published after the first annual) that an over-arching narrative has been stitched together.

    To be honest, I’ve had a mixed reaction to the series: some of the stories are really interesting, creative and entertaining spins on their source tales, where other were just pure, obvious schlock.  But I’m going to keep reading myself through the next few issues, at least.  Hope this helps.

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