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Lou Collins: Serial Leaper. Lou desperately tries to find Ella, the woman with an identical curse, before his next horrific death. But, there’s malevolence waiting in the darkness, something that wants to kill Lou before he even gets the chance. Something alive.

Story by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Aluiso Santos
Cover by Aluiso Santos

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Hey everyone!
    If you haven’t seen this floating around yet, here’s the 5 page preview for the issue on the Facebook Fan Page.

    For those that were a little thrown off by Lou’s abrasive, asshole ways, I promise a little redemption this issue. And about ten buckets more blood. Happy reading!

    • Thanks Kurtis,
      I’m very much looking forward to the second installment of Grim Leaper. I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your writing with Peter Panzerfaust and it has lead to me grabbing Green Wake, Grim Leaper, and I’m really looking forward to Debris!

      I had read that you had more issues planned for Green Wake but the numbers weren’t there during the second arc. Is there any chance of revisiting that series in the future since you’re making a pretty good name for yourself in the comic book industry?

      One last question, is there any chance that there will be more than 4 issues of Grim Leaper? Keep on doing what your doing Kurtis!

    • Hey Mathew!

      Green Wake is forever done, I’m afraid. I was happy with how everything concluded and I don’t have too much else to say with that series.

      Grim Leaper has a few threads that I can weave into a second mini series, but it’d probably stay that way. That said, I strongly feel like this four issues tells the story best and would be happy with just the series as is. Never say never, though!

      Thanks for the support!

  2. Hey Kurtis.

    I have been loving your stuff. Met you at Free Comic Day in Regina and picked up Peter Panzerfaust. While I really like that, I REALLY like Grim Leaper. Really cool idea and there are about a million things you could do with it. Keep up the great work. I think Grim Leaper is going to the top of this weeks reading pile. Keep pumping out the gold, man!!


  3. Everyone needs to read this book. Ultra original, great pace, violent deaths, and a character we can relate to….not in the leaping, but in the chase for his love…c’mon, we’ve all been there..and I liked the shift from selfish Lou to empathetic Lou. I’m on board the rest of the way.

  4. This was great! really fun and really weird…def worth checking out.

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