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Girfter is way out of his element when The Daemonites hold him on a hovering spaceship where no man can get to him. Fortunately, Sofia is no man – but will she arrive before a horrific alien ceremony centering on the super-powerful Black Curate has gone too far? Cole Cash will find someone he never expected to see again, he will discover how integral he is to the Daemonite’s master plan, and uncover clues that will bring him face to face with Stormwatch and Voodoo.

Art and cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVE BEATY

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Such a great title and so, so underated and I can’t see how. A solid title with good artwork and a solid plot and story line that has brought us some serious action and adventure so far.


  2. Very nervous to see where this goes after Nathan Edmondson departs. DC gave him this character and title to work with, and he delivered something that was completely different and fresh compared to what has come before with this character. It’s truly one of this book’s greatest strengths.

  3. Man, with Liefeld on the horizon. I’m dropping this book, I was so excited about this Daemonite invasion.

  4. I’m looking forward to the creative change. This book has never been as good as I thought it should be, and this last issue did nothing to change my opinion of it.

  5. I was sure Grifter’s girlfriend was gonna have one of those bazooms come tumbling out of that tattered shirt. Que sera sera. I bet Liefeld would’ve hooked it up.

  6. The artwork on this book just looks so…plain. If there is a “generic DC look” in the New 52, this is what it looks like. Is Liefeld drawing this one, Hawkman, or Deathstroke?

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