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Cole and his new partner Sofia make plans to escape the northwest, but first they need a little cash – and that calls for a quick grift. Cole can’t get far in his con-artistry, however, before discovering that the Daemonites are coming after him in full force – and they have powers he could not have anticipated.

Art and cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVE BEATY

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  1. I didn’t love the first issue, but this series has grown on me, I’m glad I didn’t have kneejerk ‘drop this book immediately’ reaction as I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this title crossing over with Stormwatch and Voodoo in the near future. I never read a lot of Wildstorm books in the past, and maybe that’s what makes these 3 titles so exciting. They’re largely mystery books, with a healthy dose of action. The only thing I’m a little nervous about is the inclusion of Superman, but I guess that does help drive it home that these books are part of the DCU. The Green Arrow guest appearance last issue was handled very well, I though.

  3. I really loved every issue of this series except for the last one. I’m not getting this any more

    • So one bad issue is all you need to drop after 3 you loved? That’s a bit drastic. I guess it’s because CAFU left? I like his art, but I like Scott Clark, too. Still probably not gonna pick this up unless it wows me in store.

  4. I’ve been loving this series great straightforward action adventure I’m looking forward as the series go to see how the develop Cole.

  5. Have been loving the writing on this but, even with the change of artist, I still think this series is getting a bum deal on the art.

  6. New writer on board… *drumroll* Rob Liefeld.

    (waits for pissing and moaning to end)

    I haven’t been loving this book, so I’m actually looking forward to at least giving Liefeld a shot improve on the title.

  7. I’m looking forward to Liefeld’s run also. Any word yet on who the artist will be?

  8. I really think Grifter could still be one of DC’s biggest characters!! Hopefully Rob will be doing no drawing on this title however; he can write and plot. I really like this title already and I am a little worried??!!


  9. This book is great. Much better than the talk at my shop. I like the new direction for Cole in this reimagines DCU. I think Grifter will have a larger role in it. Keep this book alive and do not let it go the way of OMAC.

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