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  1. Wow – Tim Sale!

  2. I remember this book.  Well writen, beautifully illustrated, and completely screwed up in the head. Not in the good way.  I finished the last page, closed the book and vowed to never read this again.  

  3. One of the few Grendel stories I have not read. I am so incredibly pumped for this week. I get the new Behold the Devil, this hardcover, AND Devil Quest hc. I cannot wait.

  4. Hope my shop gets this, doubt it but I might have to put in an order.

  5. Ooooh, whose stoked? MEEEEEE!

  6. I came across this in issues and picked it up before ever ready any Grendel. I am a huge fan of Tim Sale’s art which is why I got it and happened to love the story. Very disturbing but good.

    Since then I have been enjoying the new Grendel series, the Batman/Grendel crossovers and Grendel: Red, Black and White. Tim Sale also did issue #0 of Grendel: God and the Devil as well as the entire miniseries of Grendel: Devil’s Reign (which I am still looking for a few issues of).

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