• ODYM, homeworld of the BLUE LANTERNS, is under attack by the alien conquerors known as THE REACH!

• The combined power of the different Lantern Corps might not be enough to defeat The Reach!

• To make matters worse, they may have been betrayed by one of their own!

• Continued from BLUE BEETLE #9.

Written by Tony Bedard
Pencilled by Tyler Kirkham
Inked by Batt
Lettered by David L. Sharpe
Cover by Tyler Kirkham, Batt, & Nei Ruffino

Price: $2.99
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  1. This is one of four DC books I’m still buying and it’s everything I wanted out of a GL series. Crazy space stuff and universe ending awesomeness.

  2. Blue Beetle tie in was great and a must read for anyone who likes this series.

    Also, how long until Bleez and Kyle bang?

    • I could do without the long form Invictus story, unless it gives us more Larfleeze insight. 12 issues seems like a very long time to set that up and knock it down. It’s a good thing we get a bit of Corps trouble now rather than later or I would be dropping this book. Blue Lantern action, count me in!

  3. I did think it was strange that Bleez volunteered to accompany Kyle to Earth. Maybe she’s got a thing for him. That would be a weird pairing. I dunno, I like weird. Anyways, this is the only GL book I buy, and look foward to every time it comes out.

  4. saint walker is just pure and simple…..a bad a$$

  5. This series is taking what Geoff built with the color corps and making it fun. Really enjoying this!

  6. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Really good issue although I do feel kind of conned that the solicits made it sound like I’d need to buy Blue Beetle #9 to be able to follow. Although I really liked Blue Beetle so not too annoyed.

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