Betrayed by Sinestro!

Arkillo, the most loyal of all the yellow ring wielders, has returned to Korugar only to find the Sinestro Corps is no more! The members of the corps have been rounded up and executed, and the yellow power battery is gone – all at Sinestro’s command!

Armed with the dwindling energy of a ring he can no longer recharge, it’s a race against time as Arkillo slaughters his way toward a desperate goal: the birth of a new type of yellow power ring!

Written by Tony Bedard
Pencilled by Tyler Kirkham
Inked by Batt
Colored by Nei Ruffino
Lettered by David L. Sharpe
Cover by Tyler Kirkham, Batt, & Nei Ruffino

Price: $2.99
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Andrew Gaboury04/25/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I love this book. It may not be breaking any new ground or anything, but it is fun. After reading “dark” books like Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Batman on the DC side of things, sometimes a book like this is welcomed. The first issue of this series was my first issue of anything Green Lantern related, and have not felt “lost” at any point in time. I like the cast because each has their own personality, and bring something different. The art is also very solid.

  2. I am on the other side of this coin and possibly alone as one of the few readers still pulling this I suppose!? I have started to get drawn back into this comic with the last issue, before that I was about to drop it. I just kept feeling like all of this was done already in other GL events and now we are back their setting one up again. I really would like to see some smaller story lines and some off world baddies being brought in for crimes against the universe. I know right now that is not going to happen since there will be a civil war with the Guardians here very soon. Wish us all good luck and hopefully they stay on this path with the story and pacing and we maybe fine. I will probably need at least and issue or two more before i decide to continue on this route.


  3. While I enjoy the book I just cannot get into any of the characters except Kyle, I would much rather this was his own solo title.

    I dunno I basically read everything from green lantern rebirth to brightest day the month before the new 52 started and to be honest I’m fed up with the rainbow spectrum. I want at least one GL book to have a regular earth super villain like flash, batman and superman, not everything has to be in space. Maybe I just tired myself out by reading it all in a month.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the Weaponer again; it’s good to know he was not forgotten. Bedard has to do a lot of juggling keeping track of everything that happens in the GL universe, but I think he’s done superbly so far. And is it me, or is Fatality looking super sexy nowadays? I love this series.

    Please check my mini-review of New Guardians #8 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  5. Bleeze is the super sexy one and I think she is taking a hating or liking for Kyle. Arkillo and the Weaponer really made this issue stand out and the danger that is really ahead for all of these characters in the very near future it seems. I liked this issue the most and really hope this continues to do what ever it is they are doing. #1-#7 are really not very good in my opinion and there was just some many things going on it made for some confusion on all of the word balloons too. This issue has really settled down and they seem to have a grip on a group style title. Good work, much improved.


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