The Green Lanterns’ homeworld is under attack!

Members of each of the Lantern Corps have laid siege to the powerful Guardians of the Universe to reclaim their stolen power rings, but only now has the Orange Lantern Larfleeze entered the fray…and he’s not alone.

The secret behind the stolen rings will be revealed and the status of Kyle Rayner within the Green Lantern Corps will be changed – forever!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM and BATT

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  1. Lar-Lar is back!! Larfleeze is one of the coolest new characters to come out of 2010 and he needs to be even bigger in 2011. I like the greedy bast&#d he is something fresh and could be a ton of fun in any direction you take him. This title has been kinda of a mystery, was not really sure where it was headed and or if I would stay with it. Now, with the Lar-Lar I will stick around for him.


  2. Ugh I was really wanting a bit more clarification about what the status quo was going to be about them being the “New Guardians” but it looks like we wont figure that out till the next arc or even the next. Sorry but this just isnt that compelling. Decent but not good enough 3.5/5 Dropped.

  3. Because of my great master Larfleeze this issue gets a full blown 5!! The perception on Larz I am getting now is he is not as dumb as everyone thinks and I like that very much!! he would have to be really smart and very sneaky to have been able to hold on to his ring and lantern for this long!! One of the best new underated characters from DC in a long time! hopefully we get to see more of him and I must say I would like to see all of the Lantern books have less of the little Blue bastards for awhile! I know that they are about to come up with some new corps of some kind to police the galaxy and all but; just not that intrested in them and would love to see us develop what we have already after all of the big storied events that came from these titles!!


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