• As a White Lantern, Kyle played a crucial role in the battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians.

• But a loss they suffered in the battle has left Kyle devastated, throwing off the control he had over the entire emotional spectrum.

• Has his time as a White Lantern ended before it’s truly begun?

• Find out in the conclusion of Tony Bedard’s run!

Story by Tony Bedard
Art by Andres Guinaldo & Raul Fernandez
Cover by Aaron Kuder

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  1. I thought this was a really nice end to Bedard’s run.

    GL:NG has been consistently bright, poppy and entertaining and is one of the few books of ‘The New 52’ that I picked up in September 2011 and am still reading (‘Aquaman’ being another). He’s done a great job.

    I love Kyle as the White Lantern, I especially want to see more of the future ‘Space Jesus’ Kyle as seen in GL20.

    I’ve let the main ‘Green Lantern’ book go now, so I’m hoping that this book will give the crossovers a rest for a bit and just focus on Kyle and the other ‘Guardians’. This book was a genuine surprise for me, as I picked it up for a one-off read and I’m still enjoying the crap out of it, every month. Looking forward to seeing the new creative team in action.

    • Very well said, sir. I share your sentiments, and love seeing Kyle take a unique place in the GL mythos.

    • Cheers 🙂 I loved Kyle since I first read ‘New Dawn’ as a kid. Bedard has done a nice job with him, this last issue in particular captured his energy really nicely.

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