• It’s greed versus the entire spectrum as we finally learn the truth about who’s been orchestrating events since issue #1…and what trouble it means for the future of the DC UNIVERSE!

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham & Batt
Cover by Tyler Kirkham & Batt
Variant Cover by Tyler Kirkham

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. this is one of my favorite books out there. i really hope that the team doesn’t change completely like the zero issue shows.

    • I think it probably will. We can hold out hope it might be a retcon of the original New Guardians team that was in Blackest Night (it was Blackest Night, wasn’t it?)

    • yeah, i love this book and it is on the top of my list every month, but i’m not excited about the team switch, i’ve spent almost a year loving these characters and seeing the team actually become a team. i don’t wanna have to do that again with different people.

    • yeah it looks like they are dumping fatality for Carol and Bleez for Atrocitus and glomp for Larfreeze. I liked them using new characters that they could mold into a good story. Carol deserves her own series. They constantly talk about needed female character books i would love a book for Carol they could drop Reds for it if they want or just add it to the GL universe and drop a crap book.

  2. Really glad I came back to this comic and I loved this issue.

    Super excited for the end of this 12 (or more?) issue arc.

  3. This book always feels vibrant and exciting and this issue was even better than usual.

    Outer space, aliens and crazy magic power rings are all concepts that this medium excels at.

    GL: New Guardians isn’t trying to be particularly clever or self aware, its just an epic thrill ride of space battles, cosmically powered avenging angels and Larfleeze, lots and lots of Larfleeze.

    The best thing about this book is that most of the central characters are recent creations spinning out from ‘Blackest Night’. I think Kyle Rayner (a 90’s character) is the oldest regular cast member here, so there’s a vitality and a freshness to all of them. This isn’t a ‘daring new take’ on a character established in the 30’s, or even the 60’s, its a brand new flowering of a deep and enduring artificial continuum.

    I’ve been getting this since issue 1 and have enjoyed every issue so far. Its about time I gave it a POTW.

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