Guy Gardner is seeing red rage! Much blood will be spilled, as the truth about his shocking pact with Atrocitus and Ganthet stands revealed to his teammates Kilowog and Arisia. And whose side will Sodam Yat find himself on?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA

Price: $3.99
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  1. Awesome, prob my fave book right now.

  2. Creepy cover

  3. Hawaiian punch and Tequila. Do. Not Mix.

  4. I’m on at least through the end of the first arc.

  5. Solicit tempting, but I’m not sold on this series.

  6. Wow, that’s graphic.

  7. Looking forward to checking this book when it comes down to 2.99, even though I’m not a huge Tomasi fan.

  8. I like this almost as much as Johns on GL.  Tomasi isn’t my favorite DC writer but he’s catching up with the best of them!!

  9. These covers have been absolutely fantastic. And the book’s not too shabby either. Bring it on.

  10. I have a feeling that this book will only last until the next big Lantern Crisis, which will probably be at the end of the Brightest Day series.

  11. @Minion  I have a feeling there will only be one arc.  As supertrackmonkey alluded, I think this series will end when Brightest Day and the War of Light ends.  To me, this feels like background / set up for the War of Light.

  12. @ctrosijr @supertrackmonkey I doubt they’re going to end it that quickily. They are building up Green Lantern’s family of books like they have done for Superman and Batman and the sales charts are holding them up.

  13. I didn’t pick this up but it’s been getting a lot of buzz. Would you guys recommend the trade highly?

  14. I think this book is really getting good. Better than the regular monthly GL title of late.

    “Hey, try the strawberry daiquiBLLAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!”

  15. @roi I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it, and Pasarin has been an amazing surprise for me on art.

  16. @RoiVampire  It’s been a good run so far. More space-cop than the main Green Lantern. I enjoy the art too. All 4’s and 5’s so far for me.

  17. This was pretty solid. Pasarin’s art isn’t flashy, but it is consistent and the guy does great cosmic landscapes. Guy finally breaking the rookies’ bindings was pretty sweet, and Kilowog’s moment of weakness was kinda touching. Not much happened to further the story along, but it looks like that’s around the corner now that Kilowog and Arisia are on to Guy. Shit’s about to get real. Plus we got a Kyle vs. Guy fight somewhere on the horizon, and that’s always fun. Bring on #5.

  18. This isn’t my favorite of the three series, but that being said its  stronger then I ever gave it credit for.  I’m not crazy about the art, though its serviceable.  I’m not wild about one development in the story today, but I wont’ spoil.

  19. This felt like the issue where Tomasi finally got back into that groove he had on Corps. This was GREAT! POTW!

  20. @WheelHands That was for sure Hal he was fighting in the prophecy, not Kyle.  The mask is the big tip off.  Plus, they’ve been seeding the story for a fight between those two (like Guy telling Ganthet that “there’s no way Hal Jordan and I will be friends after this” in the first issue).

  21. In a world of emotional spectrum, there seems to be a devoid of any real emotion lately in the GL universe. With that being written, this issue had one of the most emotional moments with Kilowog. I wont spoil what happens, but it was nice to feel some real attachment to the GL crew. Great issue and I have been loving the Covert Art!

  22. @buck2889: You’re right. My bad. The hair threw me off.

  23. I really liked this issue. It took me a few seconds to remember where we are, but I loved the book.

  24. This issue is what I want out of a comic book.  Good character development (Kilowog’s emotion), good battle, and excellent art.  Nice tie-in with the other Lantern books as well.

    Had the feel of Tomasi’s excellent run on Corps. 

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