The power of BRIGHTEST DAY surges through EMERALD WARRIORS as Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Arisia and Red Lantern Bleez travel to Odym to pay the Blue Lantern Corps a visit. What is the purpose of this venture – and what does Brother Warth want with Gardner?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Man I wish these books were $2.99 NOW!!!

  2. Probably my fave DC title right now, along with BD and Action; seeing Bleez do her thang in this book is worth the price of admission to me.

  3. This book has been a pleasant surprise and an absolute blast. Pasarin is doing great work.

  4. Bleez did her thang for only one page last issue. This issue she will do her thang and we will see if her thang is more interesting than screaming and spitting blood. For instance, she could discuss the intricacies of the intergalactic economy… and spit blood.

  5. Maybe we could ask her about the Trade Federation and they’re illegal blockades.

  6. JimBilly: I doubt Bleez’s thang includes the intricacies of intergalactic economy, moreso like S&M and PMS.

  7. Seriously, this book isn’t good. there’s only some much space sci-fi mumbo jumbo you can read before it takes it’s toll 

  8. @Edward:  I like it.  Don’t know what you’re buggin about.  I can’t wait until it is only $3!!  They we’ll be getting a hell of a deal considering!!

  9. Actually, what annoyed me was that my shop owner added it to my pull list without asking so i brought the first two without knowing it 

  10. Really nice cover. I think this book has been a bit slow, but hopefully this ish will change that.

    @Edward "Fool me (into buying a book once) shame on you, Fool me (into buying said book again) shame on me." 

  11. @Prax: Thanks

  12. I agree with Edward. This book has been a bit ‘eh’. Not bad, mind you. Just after GL and GLC, do we really need another both telling basically the same story? The other books haven’t even been all that compelling of late.

  13. Do you get extra ‘eh’ for the extra buck?  I’ve passed on the first two issues.  Not a big fan of Tomasi, and I don’t know why his GL book is the priciest one when it looks like the worst of the three.

  14. It’s not the worst of the three.  It is just as good as GLC in the story department, and way better in the art section.

  15. It’s the best of the three, one reason being the aforementioned Bleez, and if you’re not curious as to whether Guy will be overcome by the Red Lantern rage, will then you’re just not a Guy fan I guess. 

    The Arisia/Sodam side story is intriguing, and always been a Kilowog fan….and who is this new freaky villain with the snakes outta the mouth thing goin on there?  I like the whole fellowship to the Unknown Sectors concept, and a lot of peeps were complaining about there being ‘too many’ splash pages, whereas I for one appreciate the work that goes into those by an artist for fans to enjoy; Pasarin did a fine job at that.

    Dropped GL Corp cus didn’t like the art on it, and GL has been here and there, up and down, as discussed on that board….gotta defend this title as one of the best comics out there.

  16. The villain in this one is a little annoying to me. He just seems like one of those nineties villains. He monologues a lot and is very stylized while having a ton of powers. Still a fun book and maybe I’m judging too soon.

  17. I should go read the first couple of issues again before I read this tomorrow.  I should prolly read ROBW again too!!

  18. It’s an okay book, art work isn’t half bad but the story isnt really anything new a little slow for my taste might drop it and pic it up in trade.

  19. i couldn’t even finish this 

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