“War of the Green Lanterns” continues!

Guy Gardner has seen the deadly prophecy of Krona – but what can he possibly do to stop it?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by CLAYTON CRAIN

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  1. Hope EW keeps going, Pasarin has been stellar in this.

  2. I’m in a weird position, because I want to finish this story (but only just), yet the last time I bought this book it was so terribly written that I all but vowed never to support it again. What to do, what to do…

  3. I think I’ll enjoy reading all three of these this week.

  4. this Fernando guy rips it up on interiors!!  I hope he has a bright future of doing stuff for DC.  Those pencils are SHARP

  5. Once again, the weak link in this crossover. Surprising, because I’m usually a huge Tomasi fan. Ah well, such is the price of a multi-book story.

  6. I was riding high on the other two issues of the crossover and this was fine but I was disappointed in the assignment of the rings. John should have gotten Greed and Kyle should have gotten love because they match better with those emotions but they had to give them to the other two.

    Also it wasn’t the clearest issue. I’ll have to reread it later.

  7. I enjoyed this issue. For me it just all hinges on Guy Gardner. I really like the focus given to him in this issue and agreed with the ring combination. It made sense in my mind.

  8. The War Of The GL event seems to be all about characters swapping rings or combining emotion in different ways – it would be interesting if we were actually seeing that happen in ways other than multi-coloured beams being shot about the place.  Tiresome.  Johns needs a break.

  9. Ugh. This comic is such trash. I’m dropping the whole GL line after this event is over. Marvel has so many more exciting things going on that I need to make room in my budget for.

  10. The story was very good.  I liked having Guy and Mogo as the keys.  The art is tremendous.

    I’m still a bit confused at the hate directed toward the GL books.  Maybe there is fatigue with the multi colored lanterns?  Parallax as well?

  11. @dkbrain Maybe there is fatigue? I have personally purchased something like 50 issues at least tangentially connected to the rainbow lanterns, all more or less without a break to tell any other story. I love the multi-colored lanterns, but for the love of god let them be for a while after this war, Johns. Let them be. The best crops are grown after you let the field lie fallow for a year.

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