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Still reeling from the endgame of “War of the Green Lanterns,” the Corps must pull itself together in order to resume policing the universe. But the Green Lanterns find that doing so is more difficult than they ever imagined.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM and BATT
Variant cover by RAGS MORALES

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. If this is the Kyle portion of the story, it is an immediate buy.

  2. I want the Manapul cover for this… 

  3. I didn’t pick this up purely because of the cover.  It’s hideous.  What the hell’s going on with Kyle’s neck?  Why, for the love of God, is Soranik’s chest desperately trying to escape her top?  I adored her when she first came on the scene, but now she’s just the resident GL pin-up, and not in a good way.


  4. I felt bad for Kyle at the end of this issue. He should have been honest from the start, but I can also see how he didn’t want to hurt Sora. You never know how someone will react, either. As a “people-pleaser” who often gets himself in jams by not being as forthright as he should, I could sorta relate.

  5. I’m dropping this book for sure. The GLU is being forced along and it has compromised the integrity of the book.

  6. I had it in my hand and decided, nO, I’m done for now. I’ve had my fun, but I just don’t enjoy these the way I used to.

  7. I keep saying it, but DC should definitely get DNA to do the GCU. It would be epic.

  8. this is clearly just filler until the reboot.. ugh

  9. This is a story that a 12 year old girl would write in her diary.

  10. Well it is what is till the reboot.

    Just sayin’

  11. @WHATTHEDAST  What do those acronyms stand for? 

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