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In the aftermath to “War of the Green Lanterns,” John Stewart and Kyle Rayner’s world is left completely shattered. And they start to pick up the pieces starting right here and now.

It won’t be pretty.

Written by TONY BEDARD
Variant cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVID BEATY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 2.3
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  1. Prediction: Kyle stays True Blue.

  2. Yeah, this book is not gonna survive the reboot for me. I’ll follow Kyle over to New Guardians, keep reading GL (due to their new and exciting member) and give Red Lanters one issue to wow me (which it won’t).

  3. I just don’t give a shit about John. If they were doing a “reboot” reboot, they should have had John commit suicide because of the guilt from 20 years ago along with killing Mogo. Now, that would be a Stewart story I’d enjoy reading.

    Never forget. Mogo

  4. Poor John Stewart. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

  5. TRICKED! Crafty solicitation made me think Kyle was in this book! Once again I have been burned by a boring John Stewart story!

  6. I actually liked this a lot. Leaps and bounds better than that mess of a Green Lantern book that also came out this week.

  7. Can we all agree that that cover is an abomination? Not only is it uninspired, it conveys the opposite sentiment provided by the story!

  8. Did they put the wrong cover on this book? Not even close to conveying what’s inside.

  9. Got it today.  My first issue of the series, and looking forward to it. 

  10. This was one big pile of SH#@T!! Everyone is right the cover way off and the story was a crappy atempt at a short story.


    Just Sayin,



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