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BRIGHTEST DAY lights up the battlefield this issue as Firestorm guest stars! The Green Lantern Corps is caught in the middle of all out war between Sinestro and his fear mongrels, the Sinestro Corps, against the Weaponer and the Thunderers of Qward. Can Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and the rest of the GL Honor Guard prevent the destruction of a world and save Soranik Natu at the same time? Learn why no one in the universe messes with Sinestro and lives to tell the tale in this heart-stopping finale to “The Weaponer”!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and Cover by TYLER KIRKHAM & BATT

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This should be fun.

  2. I thought The Weaponer was a fun villain, I hope they don’t get rid of him at the end of this.

  3. Bedard and Kirkham are not doing a bad job, but they are not particularly thrilling me either. Kyle and Jon are just not my favorites. I am holding on to this just to get into the War of the GLs, which I predict will be significant, in that it will end with me buying less Green Lantern comics.

  4. Kyle is totally my favorite, and it’s nice to have a light, fun book to read with him in it.

  5. I read all three GL books, and enjoy them all too, but this is probably the first one to go if it came down to it. 

  6. GLC is such a fun, light book to read each month. 

  7. I really liked the last couple of issues.  Quite fun.  I like the majority of the Tony Bedard stuff I’ve read.  And I think this book is better without Tomasi.

  8. *sigh* Due to bugetary constraints, I must bid you farewell for now, GLC. Stay up, Kyle.

  9. Fun and light, but… ultimately…. a little boring. Nice twist at the end, though 3.5/5

  10. I really liked this, but Bedard still needs to work on finding the voices of the characters. Thee dialogue was pretty generic.

  11. Apart from the completely pointless/unnecessary cameo by Firestorm, this was another solid issue & a good end to the story.

  12. Does Sinestro really have that kind of power of persuasion?  I honestly wasn’t expecting that ending.

  13. @TexasZombie99 That’s part of my problem with the voices of the characters. I would think Sinestro’s speech would be much more wordy. I assume the main reason for the character turn we saw was because of the reaction he got from his people when he was trying to help them.

  14. @WadeWilson: I agree completely.  There was no reason to have Firestorm show up all of a sudden, he stuck out loke a sore thumb.

  15. Firestorm was horrifically shoe horned in and the Weaponeer about face was completely unmotivated. Why would he join his mortal enemy so quickly and easily? Why would Sinestro offer it up so easily? I suspect the Weaponeer is planning a bit Trojan horsing, but Bedard did not sell it well at all. And the art, ugh.

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