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BRIGHTEST DAY burns bright as war breaks out on Qward between the Green Lantern Corps and the Weaponers!

Plus, the secret pact between Atrocitus, Guy Gardner and Ganthet is revealed!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM & BATT
Variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This arc has brought me completely back on board. The art hasn’t been my favorite but I really like the story.

  2. “Kyle Rayner couldn’t save a snowflake from an avalanche.”

  3. The art is not at all to my liking. I like the weaponers mythology, so I am considering hanging on until the War. We’ll see.

  4. @Minion – Couldn’t agree more. The first issue of this arc was my “do or die” issue, and it ended up as POTW. Having more fun here than in GL at the moment.

  5. I agree with what you guys have said, this was on the chopping block for me after the last arc but I’m really liking this one so far. 

  6. I really liked this issue. Especially seeing that tiny bit of what the citizens of Qward thought about the situation.

  7. Fun stuff. Not groundbreaking, by any means, but lotsa good times to be had.

    But wait… THAT was Ganthet’s biig secret deal with Guy and Atrocitus? Beyond lame. Why did they need to work with Atrocitus to achieve this goal, and why the hell did they have to keep it a secret?!

  8. @CaseyJustice Because he is a recognized prophet who can guide the future and he also happens to be a mass murderer.

  9. @Minion – Fair enough, but Hal is already working with Atrocitus anyway. At any rate, they certainly could have told someone about the danger without telling them they were working with Atrocitus, especially since it was Guy who had the vision in the first place.

    God, I’m sorry to nitpick. I just hate it when something is built up like this and (for me, at least) fails to deliver. Did not, at all, detract from my enjoyment of this issue.

  10. @CaseyJustice I understand and you always have the right to be disappointed. But you must remember that Hal working with Atrocitus is a very recent development for him since the last few issues of Green Lantern have taken place over a very short amount of time. And the entire focus of one issue was Atrocitus getting Hal to trust him even the tiniest bit.

  11. @Minion – Both good points. I was about to assert that keeping this supposedly huge threat a secret from everyone was still stupid, unecessary and out of character, but then I thought about the characters in question: Atrocitus is an enemy of the GL,; Guy is disillusioned with and suspicious of the Guardians after their behavior since the Sinestro Corps War, and Ganthet certainly wouldn’t trust the “brothers” who kicked him out of their little club. I guess, upon further consideration, it makes sense that each of them would keep their discovery from everyone.

    As a reader, though, still a little disapointed to find that this big secret was actually the existence of a character we’ve known about since the end of Blackest Night. Wah wah.

  12. @CaseyJustice I see what you’re saying. They could have at least told people other than the Guardians.

  13. Shit, I started reading the first page and immediately felt as if I should go back and read last issue again.  Don’t u hate when that happens?

  14. A good solid issue, nothing mindblowing but Im certainly not annoyed about the Ganthet revelation anyways.  I’ve never felt like Ganthet’s agreement with Atrocitus and Guy to be a big deal in this book…it’s felt more important in the Emerald Warriors book, for Guy.

  15. Nice art & plenty of fun action, but story-wise, apart from Ganthet’s reveal & Soranik being freed, nothing really happened. There’s about 4 pages worth of story in 22 pages.

    But, Ganthet vomiting up blood was pretty awesome.

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