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  1. Nooooooooooooooo!  No, no, no, no.

    Wake me up when Guy and Kyle are back. 

  2. is it me or is there a continuity issue here? Like in last issue of Green Lantern Boodikka was at the trial but before that in Green Lantern Corps she was on some planet and now she is back on that planet.


    Perhaps i need some air.

  3. I’m buying this issue but I’m not sure that I’m going to read it.  Please bring back the Mongul, Guy and Kyle stuff please!

  4. I really hope that next month Mongul just appears in the middle of Countdown.  Because why else would they delay a good storyline for an inconsequential story.

     Ok, well…there are many reasons…but I just wanted to jump onto the "This fill-in story is killing me" band wagon

  5. @torippu – If you’re not going to read it then why give them your money?

  6. Conor – the collector in me refuses to have gaps in my comic book collection!

  7. If GLC was John and Guy, I’d be buying it right now…


  8. I’ll probably hop on when it’s Kyle and Guy.  I’m a sucker for buddy books.

  9. @Simmons– Laira was on trial, Boodikka.

  10. Oh, nevermind.  I misread your post.  Many apologies.

  11. This is only a 2 parter right?

  12. Yep, back to the good stuff next week I hope!

     I didn’t actually mind the last issue. As one of the few comics that I read (I have no money at all, it sucks to be young), it ranks the lowest but it still isn’t too bad. I’ll give it a few more issues though.

  13. can’t wait for Tomasi to be back on this book… 

    That said, I’m still buying and reading this, mostly because Boodika’s always been kinda interesting to me (what with the one hand and all) 

  14. @deezer – she has some great Green Lantern Corps Quarterly stories…at least I think thats where they were from.

  15. I’d like to see more Lobo and Boodika! I will read this issue, but it will be bottom of the stack for sure.


  16. I love Boodika as much as the next guy, but this shiz was kinda bor-zing. At the very least treading water. Please more Pat Gleason, Guy, & Kyle, STAT.

  17. I had to drop this piece after last issue i was hoping for more of the sweetness that was in issue 20.  I’ll try it again when this arc is over.  Totally agree with most of you this story was not needed with all the excitment in the green lantern stuff why do this story now.  Oh well


  18. Next issue looks to be bringing back Guy and Kyle, and from the looks of it, Mongul. Like last issue, I thought it was just average. Not necessarily a bad book, but not spectacular in any way either. Looks like Boodika the Red Lantern’s story may continue here in the sidelines while Green Lantern starts the Secret Origin arc next month.

  19. Not a great issue by any means, but the promise of the larger Green Lantern story has me hooked.  I won’t be missing an issue until blackest night is resolved.

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