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With the tumultuous battle for Korugar past them, Sinestro and Hal are left at a crossroads. They must pick up the pieces of their lives.

The question is, will they do it alone…or together?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by IVAN REIS
B&W Variant cover by DOUG MAHNKE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Booo-urns!

    • Poor, poor Green Lantern. What did he ever do to you?

    • Boo-urns!

    • I…what? I honestly can’t even tell if “Boo-urns” is a good thing or a bad thing…

    • It’s a bad thing. I talked about the problems with the book in the last issue’s thread

    • It’s not really fair to boo something that you keep inviting into your house.

    • ED why do you comment on shit you hate..You posted your a teacher but you seem simple to me. Why do you troll here? Maybe your a attention whore and you don’t get enough respect with your students..SAD. Stop trolling bro or make a valid F”N point.. Damn someone has to call you out on you bs cause ifanboy will not

    • 1. I have 2 degrees, one with honours 2. If you get personally oftened by my comments about a fucking green lantern comic that’s your problem. Perspective

    • *offended FFS

    • I dont know how ed keeps things in “persepective”.. that pic of him with the top hat .. clearly shows that he is missing an eye. What happened to the eye?

    • BOYS AND GIRLS! Lets take it easy here, no need to get offensive and personal. Lets put this into perspective; everyone has the ability to post a comment no matter good or bad. Like edward I like to comment on all of the titles I pull at my store and I also like to check in on a title or too just to see what the buzz is. If you do not like someones comment as always we are all free to rebutle and maybe even argue a little about said topic. Drdeeeznutz- I am really suprised to see you attack edward personally!! This is uncalled for and there are times I get a little upset with some peoples comments on here however; when it has to do with the comic itself then that is fair.
      Now iroberts007 has jumped on and attacked edwards avatar and that is just well come on…… clearly we have again gone the wrong way on what this site is for, ok?! Lets all just move on and if you don’t like someones comment and you have an arguement about the issue cool lets rebutle and argue it out, if it’s just shooting personal, useless, hurtful, comments at someone because they made a comment about something than just don’t.
      Green Lantern has been a great book for me and anytime it involves Hal I am on board since he will always be the GL for me. The preview I looked at on CBR was ok, I like the way Hal seems to be putting his life back together especially with Carol although the artwork seemed a little whats the word too TV cartoonish?.. for me. Does that make sense? Anyway always look forward to this title.


    • I like it when someone confuses “your” and “you’re” when calling another person simple. Classic Internet.

    • This thread is an example of everything that is wrong with the Ifanboy community. People who criticize others, and offer self praise usually have little to no life outside of the cyberworld. People who feel the need to discuss their intelligence and credentials usually do so because they lack confidence and true intelligence.

      BTW Clockwork Orange love is how inept movie fans make themselves feel like they have a small degree of artistic knowledge in an otherwise idiotic juvenile existence. Have a good day Troll.

    • So… how ’bout that Sinestro? He’s quite a rascal, wouldn’t you say?

    • WookieLoveMachine- Really? (No life) Than I guess we are all a little guilty on this site right?
      Caseyjustice- Sinestro has come a long way from his old clown like costume in the Legion of Doom days, right?


    • Yeah, fuck A Clockwork Orange. Good point

    • Stop now.

    • Can you delete this rubbish, please, josh?

    • Hey i was joking (one eye and perspective?.. you didnt get that my comment was 100% not serious flash?) i have no problem with Ed or eds comments.. he is good for this site… and I like Dr Deez.. I dont know what set him off.

  2. Checked out the preview over at CBR and Hal really looks like he is trying to pull his misserable life together and I am in his corner!!


  3. Really enjoying this series. 🙂

  4. Fuck yeah, greenlanterngeoffjohns.


    Two of my favorite books in one day.
    (did I just scream America?)

  5. Why does it say Mike Choi on the cover?

  6. This is a great read and the art by Mahke has been top notch. Sinestro as a green lantern has rebooted my my interest in this title by 10x

    • the green lantern sinestro has sparked my interest in this book once again as well.
      love the story and love the art.
      johns/mahke for president 2012

  7. This has been a great run. The back and forth jabs between Hal and Sinestro are so bloddy funny.
    Its been a better first arc then say The Flash. I couldn’t have been more disapointed in that series so far.

    The sinestro corps is no more! Jordan still isn’t a real Green Lantern! What will the gaurdians do with Sinestro? Johns is killing this every issue!

  8. Ooo…Wheel and I didn’t get a Stop Now from Josh last week when we battled over Action…shame shame kids shame shame! Personally I love Geoff, Hal, and Sinestro…but the art has been so much not to my taste I decided to take a breather from this run at the moment.

  9. Ew, the art is not obnoxiously NOT Doug Mahnke. And that’s a very bad thing.


    Srsly DC, stop making me drop books because of art changes. Unfortunately they care more about being on time than consistency.

  10. I was shocked by the art change at first, but I very quickly turned my opinion around on it. There were some really classic panels sprinkled throughout this issue. Green Lantern continues to surprise me with its new direction.

  11. The coloring in this issue looks like something from a high school photoshop class. Dull, flat and lacking any form of style that the previous issues had aplenty. This is not the art of a $3 book, DC. Shameful!

  12. Lots of Johns-esque foreshadowing. I’m glad to be on the Geoff Coaster from the start of this ride as opposed to catching up after the fact (read SCW and BN long after initial publication).

    Noticed art looked different, didn’t realize there was a new artist until I read it in the comments here. As long as story quality stays high I’m in. Geoff script w/ stick figures would work for me!

  13. Nice to know that this book is going green in addition to wearing it. I mean, they’re even recycling cliffhangers!

    *stands, arms outstreched, awaiting applause*

    • @caseyjustice *soft golf claps* yeah i agree its rehashing some old cliffhangers but really dont most comics from the big two rehash stuff all the time. Im actually ok with this book for now its fun and not a color specturm seizure…yet. This was the weakest of the run so far but im sure thats because it was a semi-fill in issue. Hopefully next arc will devolp a bit more.

    • funny. nice to have you back Justice. what? were you on vacation or something?

    • Took a month off of the internet. Needed to cleanse. Folks be gettin’ mad on this thing.

    • i heard that. you should seen the article on “before watchmen”. pure pandemonium. you probably should feel lucky, i’m still lickn’ my wounds. as it turns out, i’m a horrible person for wanting more watchmen. who woulda thought liking a comic book could be so evil

  14. Two questions: is Mahnke coming back? When?

    #6 looked AWFUL.

  15. no problem with the art here. it looked like frank quitely meets anime. hal did look very young though. nothing i couldnt look past. tons of fun this book is

  16. Whoa just looked at the art, did someone accidentally print a Green Lantern fan comic instead of issue 6?

  17. Mike Choi was always an artist I kinda dug. I like his really smooth and pretty anime-esque characters, and while he wasn’t really on his game in Second Coming, he certainly delivered here. Just wish the issue script itself didn’t seem like such a stop-gap.

  18. Was anybody as confused by this issue as I was? This whole middle part of the story with sines trio was not very new reader friendly… I’m still on board but this including the fact mahnke didn’t draw it made it the worst issue yet imo

  19. I feel like issue #5 never got stuck in my mind. Left me really confused. Honestly I am not sure how I felt about this book because of that but with the rainbow core still happening, not doing much for me. I do like the Sinestro bits though, just ditch Hal already! I get plenty of him in Justice League.

  20. I really didn’t care for this issue at all. Choi’s a competent artist, but I want him off this ASAP. Take the anime someplace else. It doesn’t belong on GL.

    It’s nice to see Hal and Carol making a go of it, but that’s about the only compliment I can muster up. I’m already tired of Hal being Sinestro’s bitch. What used to be Sinestro’s reluctant respect for his former protege is recently bordering on a man crush. Let’s move this along already, Geoffrey.

  21. I think I am burned out on GL. I am sick of Hal and want Kyle back… In the old universe (I don’t want to even TRY New Guardians!).

    I am trying to stay on board, and I love what they have done with Sinestro… Actually, if this was “GL: Sinestro,” I would be great with it! But… too much Hal…

    Too much “GUARDIANS ARE BAD!! ARRRR!!” crap that Johns has been peddling for years. Yeah, everyone in authority positions are really evil bastards, we f***ing get it already!

    • i could do with a little less hal myself. on the other hand, i do enjoy seeing him as sinestro’s “sidekick”. makes for an interesting dynamic i think and hopefully johns will kill off the guardians pretty soon. he seems to have been foreshadowing that for a while now. i think he’s really trying to make us hate them so not too many people are pissed off when he does finally wack them and i’m sure there will be at least a few who object.

  22. Mixed bag this issue, still really liking the uncomfortable positions Hal and Sinestro have found themselves in however the story around that does not seem to be going anywhere, treading water. I know this issue foreshadowed the next lantern crisis but it’s nothing we have not seen before now and is getting a bit old. Stick to the “odd couple” stuff that’s working really well, drop the epic space soap opera… been on that ride enough now.

    the guest art was mediocre.

  23. What does that fucking book do again? I have no idea.

  24. I thought this issue was fine. The Sinestro/Hal – Carol/Hal dynamic moved forward.

    As noted in the POTW iFanboy podcast, guest artists are a reality in 2012. The art was OK. Hal did look like 21 in the early portions. Makes one appreciate Mahnke even more.

    I am a bit concerned about the preview for next month. I don’t give a flip about the Indigo tribe.

  25. I don’t know if its just me, but i am quiete burnt out on GL. Sadly. I think the Sinestro/Hal cmobo, and Sinestro being back in the GLcorps is neat, but with a story, i would think is waivering, I may need to drop this book. Plus, the artwork in this book is very much so not my style. It may just be me, but the coloring seemed dull and boring. Just an opinion.

  26. I haven’t been able to get a copy of this issue yet; my regular LCS was sold out. I hope the art isn’t going to throw my enjoyment of this issue too much.

    This is the only Lantern title I am reading (if you don’t include JL), and have enjoyed it a great deal so far.

  27. I’m not really as excited for these Green Lantern issues as I used to be, when I first got into GL it was something that blew me away time and again, with this I think I’m just reading an arc that doesn’t interest me too much…either that or it isn’t being done the best way. I like the idea of Sinestro being a GL again and Hal being in limbo over his future but when I’m reading it I don’t actually feel anything behind it?

  28. This seemed like a filler issue all the way.

    And the art was meh. Glad it is not par for the course on this title.

    A few more issues like this one and my support for this series will go way down.

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