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  1. This Kreisberg guy has rough luck. One issue in on his run and he has to cater to an event. Still, an arch-enemy issue is always fun!

  2. My shop was sold out of GA/BC, which was really surprising. Looking forward to this.

    @Andrew You know, I don’t think I would consider Merlyn Ollie’s arch enemy, but I can’t really think of someone else who fills that role. Certainly they tried to make Deathstroke into Ollie’s nemesis for a while.

  3. @PraxJArvin: They have definitely set Merlyn up as Green Arrow’s villainous opposite.

  4. @conor Oh that’s true, and like I said, I can’t think of another Green Arrow villain that would be his nemesis. I guess I’m too entrenched in the Grell run where Ollie didn’t really have costumed enemies.

    As for this issue, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It read a little fast, but I thought we had the Characters down. Though, I think we could stand to make Dinah look a little more useful in these issues. This is the second book in a row by Kreisberg where Dinah has been "captured" by the enemy. I hope this isn’t a running theme. 

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