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  1. I have come dangerously close to dropping this title in the last couple of months.  But with a new direction, I will give it a couple more months.  Here’s hoping it delivers.  By the way never heard of Andrew Kreisberg before.  Hopefully, he will surprise me.


  2. I already don’t like the cover…and who is Ladronn? Is he some Swedish Pop Star or something?

  3. @dusmany: kreisberg has been writting the current batman confidential arc which i have been enjoying.

     i am very excited to read this. green arrow is my favorite character and i hope this makes kreisberg makes him great again.

  4. i dropped off a while ago, and am giving the new guy like 2 issues

  5. can they let Norton do one cover, please!


    though he probably is to busy to do one though

  6. good jumping on point?

    I read odd issues of winnick’s run, didnt get into it

    i kept those books for the art

  7. Jumping on here. I read the first 4 pages in the store, and decided I really want to read Green Arrow.

  8. tom vs the jla fans – is the last page a callback to anton allegro? will a magical key-tar be in the future of this book?

  9. Really solid issue. I’m definitely gonna be staying on this book.

  10. FIrst time I’ve ever read Green Arrow, and it was fantastic(almost potw).

  11. Are we supposed to know who takes the arrow on the last page?

  12. loved this. so great. i am glad for an awesome green arrow and black canary again.

  13. Mike Norton has finally won me over on this book, completely. if anybody else ever took over for him on pencils , I’d be very disappointed. 

  14. Well, I read it and this was definitely a transitional issue so i’ll reserve judgement.  I am glad the teenagers are gone for a while.  too much focus on them in my opinion.  So narrowing it down to GA and Canary is a good move as far as I’m concerned.


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