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The secret of Blood Rose revealed! The mystery woman plaguing Green Arrow’s life is exposed, but the shocker isn’t who she is – it’s what she is!

Plus: The final battle with Midas, the monstrous half-man whose touch can melt anything – including Green Arrow!


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  1. Underated!! I do not know why so many people do not like this? This has been a mighty fine little comic and I have not even felt like jumping ship. A good 3-4 rating every month very consistent story line and very good artwork.


    • I thinks it’s precisely because it gets 3 star ratings every month. It’s average, meaning it’s just going with the flow and it does nothing special with the concepts they have in the book.

    • i grew up loving green arrow due to my uncles issues from the seventies and eighties. i feel like this book could be so much better and its just not up-to-par with what it could be. the art is ok. the story has been worse. hopefully the new creatitive team will do better.

    • I have to agree with SleepingMan, this is just average. There’s nothing really setting Green Arrow apart from any other street level hero at the moment. His personality is bland, compared with the Ollie we knew, and Ollie has always worked better when he’s been able to play off of Dinah, Hal, Roy, Mia, Conner, etc etc. I don’t care one whit about any of his supporting cast and after reading 5 issues I could not tell you what anyone else’s name in the book is. The Green Arrow legacy is gone and I still couldn’t tell you exactly when this series is supposed to take place. I feel like it might be concurrent with Justice League being 5 years in the past given Ollie’s lack of knowledge of other super humans, but…again we’re 5 issues in and the fact that we don’t know is troublesome for me.

  2. Yeah, there will be new light on this comic. Now that the show Arrow is rumored at on the CW. I am picking up 2-6, giving this another shot, love the artwork!

  3. @Flash923……I agree with you completely. This is a good series that more people should be reading. That said, I would like to see a quicker move toward the classic Green Arrow personality….but it’s getting there.

    @SleepingMan…..Trick Arrows are not average. I do understand what you’re saying though, a lot of the “new 52” is doing the same. Hopefully they will all build into great story arcs and become something greater.

    @emberman……Hope that the pilot does well! Would love to see a show starring our favorite Emerald Archer!

  4. Again this receives a 4.5 from me and stays consistent to its form. I am a fan of GA and would love to see him have great success here and on the TV screen however; I do prefer the classic GA compared to this new one that seems to be modeled after the Smallville GA. Which is not a bad GA mind you, I just prefer the good old Olie. I like that Olie has a permenant team working with him now that part to me makes more sense. I really can’t wait for him to meet up with JL that is gonna be some fun.


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