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TehDave09/19/08YesRead Review


  1. So is this based on the Beatles then?

  2. this looks fun…put it in my bin. the art is great.

  3. Vertigo’s first (real) super hero title. Could be great.

  4. Hmmmm…not sure about this. Fabry is a brilliant artist but who the fuck is David Tischman?

  5. LOL, yeah, who is he?

  6. I thought this was a pretty cool concept, but I didn’t feel it was executed as well as it could be.  Maybe it was just because this is the first issue and it was laying a lot of groundwork.  I’m game for at least the next issue.

  7. Was I the only one who thought the pace was strange? How each scene seemed unfinished?? It’ll probably make sense in the next issues.

  8. good first issue. typical verito type book which is a good thing in my opinion. i think it’s worth picking up issue 2.

    my only problem is that this is going to have a lame ass acid trip scene. i hate those goddamn things. hopefully the story will make up for it.

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