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  1. I’ve enjoyed this book (mostly) … but I’m glad it’s over. It went three or four issues too long. Too many issues where there was no plot & all fighting for my tastes … and I love action in comics.

  2. @Wade – Yeah, I kind of agree. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this title, and kinf of kidding myself that it wasn’t too long. But now we’re at the end, I can totally agree that at least 2 issues of this weren’t needed and were just overlong fight sequences. Really well done fight sequences, but still the story felt stretched.

    Still, overall, a good Batbook with an interesting angle. And it’s been out regularly, so I’ll buy Tieri a pint if I ever meet him. 

  3. This whole series was so up & down — it had some really good moments & story points, and some really bad ones.

    So, we got a fun, action-packed series that wasn’t perfect, that sets up the new status quo in the Gotham Underworld … too bad we won’t get to see Batman handle any of these guys for a while with R.I.P. goin’ on. Sadly, the way DC continuity is going these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if Intergang & Tobias Whale are never even mentioned again in Batman comics.

    But, I hope I’m wrong.

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