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  1. Loving the Calafiore art in this mini-series!

  2. Totally agree. Tobias is almost too grotesque to look at sometimes. This team should be doing more Bat-books.

  3. Vigilante kind of looks like the female Vigilante from Deathstroke the Terminator.  I think that was her  name…  All I know is the first Deathstroke comic I ever picked up, Slade and her were going at it (not in the "hey we’re both assassins so lets fight for a bit then team up to take out a bigger assassin" way, but more of a "Hey I’m Bruce Wayne, want to see my gadgets?" kind of way)

  4. I would love if this storyline both fixes what happened with Leslie Tomkins/Spoiler (maybe Leslie secreted her away and faked her death/personal insanity to keep her safe from being a Robin.  It also seems to be putting some effort in to restoring the post-NML Gotham supporting cast that War Games ripped up, which I would love to see.

  5. liking this series.  I dug the cover sitting on the shelf at my comic book store.  A couple years ago someone wrote a pretty rad vigilante miniseries.  I think it was Bruce Jones.

    What happened to Bruce jones he wrote some good stuff.  His nightwing run right after that vigilante story was decent too.  70s writers that can come back and do good modern age stuff rock.

  6. I’m also liking this alot.  Can’t wait for next issue!

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