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  1. so…is this dini or lobdell?  i really think i should drop this book. i didnt really like it from the start

  2. This book is Dini and features the return of the Joker this issue.

  3. Dini! + Joker! = Must have for me 🙂

  4. I actually didnt mind the last issue too much…yeah the story was a bit off the rails, but it was at least good

  5. @comicBOOKchris – I totally felt the same way. I’m a big sucker for the Riddler and even though the story didn’t deserve to be in a comic titled GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, when it comes to a bland Batman story, I’ve read worse.

  6. Joker is due.

  7. I’ve been enjoying this book for the most part. Can’t remember how I felt about the last, non-Dini issue.

  8. Yes, yes he has faced ladies like this before.

  9. Art was subpar on this issue. Looked almost incomplete.

  10. What! I thought the art was just fantastic in this issue, the best yet. However, I will say the art has been inconsistent in the first four issues, Hopefully it will remain consistent from now on. 

    This issue was great, lots of funny moments and a really interesting dynamic with the sirens and Hush and now The joker!


  11. I don’t know why some many people are complaining on how this book looks cheesecake-y. This book doesn’t even come close to some of the worst offenders out there.

  12. I thought they weren’t going to use the Joker fpr awhile cause Morrison was planning too. And they they changed him back to the "Playful" and the "Devil" Joker. Odd.

  13. That was suppose to say that they changed him back to the "playful" Joker and not the "Devil" Joker.

  14. I thought this was a pretty solid 3/5, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I do find myself less interested for some reason. Ah well.

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