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As Gotham City swirls in a maelstrom of evil and villainy, three of the most unlikely candidates – Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – step forward to bring some light to the situation. But will their efforts enough to stem the tide of madness and mayhem?

Written by PAUL DINI
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. i have to say, i think this is the best new thing dc has put out in the past year, and in my opinion, streets of gotham has the only current batman stories worth a damn. I would say paul dini should be on the main titles, but perhaps because it’s not "batman" or "batman and robin", it makes it better.


    either way, bravo paul dini 

  2. True, but  I find you have to be careful, the issues that weren’t written by Dini have been weak.

  3. I stripping my pull list back. I started picking up Batman & Robin and loved issues 1-3 and 10, but 11 fell flat for me.

    This is the only Bat book that I will be getting.

  4. Another good issue, I’m really enjoying this series, as Dini has a great voice for these characters.

  5. @CAM I want to say that my favorite issue of the series was actually one of the non-Dini ones (I want to say it was issue 4, the one that focused just on Riddler).

    A few misses along the way, but mostly hits and this is a book that I can’t bring myself to stop reading.  This issue was really good too although I would have liked a couple issues on Poison Ivy on the job before the ending part actually happened.

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