Ota Murakami has fought Godzilla for fifty years. The decades have been hard on Ota, and he is seemingly no closer to his goal. Now, in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, the end of the world beckons. Ota and Ken gear up for a deadly final battle, and only one beast will be left standing at its end! This is the book you’ll be talking about for years! Don’t miss it!

By James Stokoe

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  1. Delayed yes, but still i’ve loved this mini…and now i can get all five issues signed by Stokoe at Fanexpo:)

  2. I enjoyed this mini, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Stokoe get back to doing more Orc Stain again.

  3. Sometimes I’ll have a week or two of ok comics and wonder if I’m really enjoying them.

    Books like this come along and renew my faith. I have LOVED this series more than just about any book in the last year. Thank you Stokoe for giving me such a great book!!

    I’m glad you guys like Orc Stain, it doesn’t do it for me, although I’m tempted to try another arc.

    So psyched for Wednesday to see how Ota’s journey ends.

  4. A nice end to a great mini.

  5. Stokoe honors the Godzilla legacy with an awesome series!! Thank you Sir for all your hard work to make this wonderful mini-series in the true tradition of the Kaiju!!

  6. Good ending to a very good series. I really liked the comraderie and the closure. Very cool.

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