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  1. My POTW!! It’s great to see all these monsters together in one issue….”Skreeeonnnk!!-ing” their way across planet Earth! The issue ended well, setting up for the series finale next month (#12)!!! It’s actually good it’s ending, because there is so little left of human civilization after 11 issues……plus, there is a new Godzilla title just down the road a little.

    IDW have set themselves apart as the best at publishing licensed titles…….Transformers, G.I. Joe, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc. etc. …. Keep up the Great work!!

  2. Can’t believe how few pulls the Godzilla books get; they’ve all been pretty good (the first main series from IDW was probably the worst and I still enjoyed it). This has probably been my second favorite book, after the excellent one and done Godzilla: Origins series.

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