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  1. I’ll go ahead and bloody say it – I’m always excited to get this in the mail. Seriously.

    Between this and my slow aquisition of the Cerebus Epic, Dave Sim can have all my money.

  2. Well I’ve bought every issue so far. And I still havn’t read a single page.

    I keep wanting to start it, but never get past the first few pages.


  3. Doctor Colossus,

    Just skip all the text in the fashion magazine parodies.  The discussions about the old school artists are more than enough to make for a facinating read.  Sim’s fashion drawings aren’t too hard too look at either.  But for real, I slogged through all the parody stuff for the first two, but I enjoyed #3 a lot more by just skimming them.

  4. Precisely. What Harper said.

  5. I looked though it in the shop. The belt is tightening. Had to Drop it. If I ever finish the first 3, and enjoy them, I may come back on.


  6. Man I love this title.  its really given me a greater appreciation for the process of creating this art form and some good history to boot.  I’ve been slowly hacking away at the cerebus trades and issues and am currently finishing up the 6th trade, melmoth.  sim’s art is great and super detailed.  I would love to see an episode about cerebus!!

  7. @Doctor – I feel ya, bro. I’m thinking of dropping way back to three or so titles a week, and keeping them small-press indies because those are the ones I might not be able to go back and get trades on later.

    @malakilli – I wussed out – after Jaka’s Story, which was fantastic but almost excruciatingly painful to wade through, I read that Melmoth was just more of the same (Oscar Wilde at least) and I skipped on to Flight. As much as I enjoy his plays and prose, fake-Wilde in Cerebus just draaggged for me. Was Melmoth any good?

     I’d also be curious to see an iFanboy episode on Cerebus and/or Dave Sim, but I get the feeling at least Connor wouldn’t care to do that show (I believe he refused to buy Galmourpuss over Sim’s alleged misogyany. I’d be interested in hearing a dicussion at least about creator’s beliefs/politics/whatever and how that influences what you read).

    Paradigms aside, I really enjoy his work. I still need to get the book he did on anti-semistism and the Holocaust, titled Judenhass.

  8. the fashion parts are my favorite. the art profiles are interesting, but that’s not why this is becoming one of my favorite titles. 

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