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  1. FINALLY! Glad to see this gets a conclusion even though it has been very disappointing overall in my opinion.

  2. not buying this issue. this series was terrible. the art and writing, both very weak.

  3. I’m really excited to see this end.  I wish it was an ongoing.

  4. Heard Ron talk this one up on a previous podcast, will be trade waiting…

  5. I completely forgot about this! A pleasant surprise.

  6. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  It started strong, then stagnated, lets see if the break has given it a second wind 😀

  7. Great premise and art, but i don’t think the story lived up to the premise, and the delays really killed my enthusiasm.  Won’t be buying.

  8. I need to dig out my back issues and read them before I tackle this one…

  9. Getting this cos… well I got the others and need to buy the last issue!

  10. I bought this because it was the last issue, but I feel like it was too late but the story was too rushed into one issue.  The original issues worked well by blending big action with character moments and in this issue the character moments were ill addressed.  Also some of the conclusions in the last pages completely run against some of the major themes of this first arc.  I almost wish I hadn’t read this now and had always wondered what could have been.

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