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Continuing from ADVENTURE COMICS #521, it’s the conclusion to Ray Palmer’s acclaimed story “Nucleus” in an extra-sized issue! The terror group called The Colony hatches its last-ditch gambit to steal The Atom’s technology.

Guest-starring Hawkman, Oracle and more!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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  1. Cool. Love me some Atom action.

  2. I like the title.

  3. I like the oxymoron of “Giant-Size” & “Atom.”  It’s more extreme than “jumbo shrimp”.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this

  5. I’m also really anticipating this book and a good wrap-up.  The Atom by Lemire has been great, I hope there will be future mini-series or something in the future.

  6. Go Ray Palmer The Atom!! One of the best heros in the DC U as long as it is as guest, in the JLA, or one shots he it the best. On going series never seems to work so lets leave it eh way it is or…… You take great characters like The Atom, Red Tornado, The Ray, Elongated Man, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and create a team for them as a mini serie once in awhile. Just a thought….

  7. How about a “Hawkman and Atom” ongoing, like they used to have?   The one shot they did during Blackest Night went over well enough!

  8. @Skyfire124 That would be awesome!!

  9. @Skyfire124  That’s mainly because it was a tie in AND written by Johns. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love for an ongoing but I doubt that it would do any better than All New Atom.

  10. @Skyfire124  Hawkman’s dead.

  11. @Noto  Great, now I’m thinking about continuity.

  12. I really like Lemire on Superboy, have never read Sweet Tooth, but man did I think those Atom back-ups were boring.  I’m glad this was released seperately so I don’t have to plow through it.  The Jimmy Olsen back-ups were awesome, though.

  13. Poor Ryan Choi.

  14. This was a great superhero action issue.  This is how I want to see the Atom.

  15. Come on now, Hawkman and Aquaman aren’t staying dead… the White Lantern’s just got them sidelined until after everything’s clear.  I still think a “Hawkman and Atom” title would do great!  Or at least as well as the Hawkman solo title’s gone…about 50 issues or so?

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