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  1. Hama back on Joe = must buy!

  2. Who is putting this out? It’s not Devil’s Due, and it’s not IDW. I ordered this, but it seems kinda weird. 

  3. It’s FUN Publications Inc. They also put out the Transformers Timelines comics (one of which comes out this week too). I know that the Transformers comics that they put out are often are often Con exclusives or only available through the Transformers Collectors Club. I’ve enjoyed the Transformers stuff they have put out in the past but can’t say I’ve seen any GI Joe from them until now. But it’s Hama so it should be good. 

  4. $5 bucks is a lot I will see what you guys have to say prior to getting this

  5. So this isn’ the Gi Joe reboot, right? Didn’t think that was out till next year

  6. *waits for reboot*

  7. @spacecowboy: The reboot is through IDW at the beginning of 2009. This is just a one-shot/annual type issue from FUN Publications Inc (see my previous post) and seems to be more of a for-the-diehard-collector-GI Joe-fan instead of the casual fan. 

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