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  1. For me, this is the weakest of the Joe books.  Reason being the art.  It was better last issue, but I still prefer the art in the proper book and, especially, the work done on Cobra.  Still, this book is quite a bit of fun. 

  2. Loving these red, white and blue covers with the letters behind the characters. As for the book its self I don’t mind the art and the story is better than the main title but not quite as good as the Cobra book. Even so they have all exceeded my expectations. Yo Joe!

    If you haven’t checked out the new GI Joe: Resolute cartoon on Adult Swim written by Warren Ellis you need to get over to youtube right now and check out all 11 episodes (the first 10 are about 5 minutes long and the final episode is about 10 minutes). This is the adult GI Joe I have been waiting for. 

  3. @comicdork37-I watched the first episode, it is really really good.  I think I’m going to watch the rest tonight.  Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. I really enjoy the art in this one.

  5. I really need to start reading this book, i’ll see if I can find back issues.

  6. My favorite bad-mamma-jamma Heavy Duty shows up?!?  Fantastic!  I love the idea of one person holding up (and firing) a Browning .50 with no support station.  So silly it is awesome.  I hope that he still has his cooking skills from the original.

  7. He maybe named Heavy Duty but he still looks like Roadblock to me. I think I remember from an interview with the artist that he had designed Roadblock but due to input from Hasbro he was changed to Heavy Duty (much like how Mainframe became a woman). I will miss the rhyming talk of Roadblock from the cartoon and movie.

  8. Chuckles meets Jack Bauer- Roadblock equals Tony


  9. Best issue so far.  Loved it

  10. Agreed, this was the best issue so far. And I know he’s everyones favorite, but Snake Eyes is just the man!

  11. Awesome setup for the next issue.  Chimera is a cold-blooded dude!

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