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  1. C’mon, where’s the haters?

  2. My LCS didn’t get #2 last week. Hope they get #2 and #3 this week. #1 wasn’t a bad read but I still don’t think the flick is going to be very good based on the director’s past projects that I have hated. I will still go see it in theaters though. Hopefully the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes fight will be good.

  3. Maybe the best cover I’ve seen all year. *sigh*

  4. I got both 2 and 3 today and the stories are both okay but it doesn’t make the movie coming up look good. My hope wasn’t that the Joes wouldn’t be in the silly mech suits through the whole movie, but the way that the comics are running it looks like unfortunately they will. I do like how we learn that Destro has engaged in selling weapons to NATO so it does give the plot a twist. The second story for the regular book has been giving some good sneak previews but it seemed like in #3 the story has already been told in the main book so I’m not sure I’m getting my value with the second story.

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